Casa Dels Vents

Nora Studio has designed a project named Casa Dels Vents ​​in Mallorca – the largest island in Balears archipelago in Spain.

“The construction is built with the sustainability-oriented spirit, mostly using local materials. The blocks are arranged to make use of natural energy and to evade the scorching heat.” The architects shared.

Two cross-shaped blocks are located on a flat piece of land in which day zones, night zones, and open zones are distributed based on their sun and wind directions. 

“Fetdeterra, an eco-innovative product made from 100% recyclable and environmentally sustainable materials which are earth and lime, is the key material that allowed us to achieve this very natural finish and so integrate with the predominant tones in the rural area of Sa Pobla. Thanks to that, the house blends in municipal terrain, which is made up of different materials of the same shades and textures.” Nora Studio added.

The house is designed with sloping roofs and local material represent some aspect of traditional construction, yet adjusted to achieve a house in consonance with current need and way of life. 

The outdoor walkways are created
with local gravel and sandstone.

Ricard López

Ha Thu Pham

The interior spaces are nourished by golden light and naturally ventilated. Light-toned walls and wooden details give warmth to the home. 

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