is a minimal photo studio located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by SPEC Design and Construction. Located in a six-story building, this photography studio occupies the fifth and sixth floors, catering to a variety of clients, including seasonal apparel brands, e-commerce product shoots, and exhibitions. 

The space primarily features white walls, wooden accents, and concrete floors, offering a versatile backdrop for diverse photography needs.

The architect faced the challenge of crafting a unique photographic space within these constraints. To address this, they transformed a concrete staircase on the fifth floor into an irregular stonework sculpture. 

Surrounded by pristine white walls and a minimalist concrete floor, the staircase not only serves its functional purpose but also stands as an artistic focal point, enhancing the visual appeal of the subjects it showcases. 

On the sixth floor, the studio’s flat layout resulted in some underutilized space. Instead of relegating it to storage, the architect incorporated a full-height, 4.4-meter distorted glass panel with a mirrored surface. 

Kenta Hasegawa

This innovative addition creates a distinctive visual effect, offering photographers and art directors a chance to experiment with reflections and distortions in their work. The intention behind these design elements is to inspire creativity in those who use the studio.

SPEC Design and Construction  

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